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A Public Service NPO Building Tiny Homes and Careers

The Tiny House Project


Construction Training & Career Planning.

We are currently looking for highly motivated, reliable individuals with a desire to learn.   We are proud to offer them free Tuition and much more.

Four High School Graduates will be selected to build a tiny house* from scratch to completion!  And in the process they will undergo Construction Training, gain Career Planning and learn about their personal talents.  

The 9 month project starts Sept. 3rd 2019 and ends May 28th 2020.   (Days off list below**)

We will build, learn and grow: Monday - Friday,  8:00am - 12:30pm

Those who successfully complete the project will be awarded a $3,000 scholarship to further the career that aligns with their skills and interests.  

Students of Big Skills Tiny Homes will experience many aspects of building a home, including the planning, scheduling, and budgeting;  skills required to complete a complex project. Students will be exposed to a wide rage of construction skills, including carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, cabinetry  and more. Additionally, by working as a team on a daily basis, each student will further their leadership, decision-making, problem-solving, and communication skills.

BSTH is committed to each student's future.  The project does not end at the completion of the nine-month build.  As the tiny home is being built, students will participate in career planning sessions that will help to guide students into the next stage of their career.  BSTH will provide recommendations for placements and check in regularly with each individual to ensure that they continue to move towards their goals. BSTH’s commitment is to five full years of support for its graduates, which ensures their long-term success, and provides us with valuable feedback to continuously improve our project.  

For an application and interview contact Big Skills Tiny Homes at: or fill out the form below.

* Tiny House,  for us, is a tiny house on wheels.  The tiny home built on a movable trailer, will be approximately 150 square feet, (8.5 feet wide and 18 feet long), and include a living space, modern bathroom, and complete kitchen. Like any other typical home, it will have plumbing, electricity, wood framed walls with windows and doors, and roofing.

** Days Off 2019-2020:

Thanksgiving (11/25/19 - 11/29/19)
Christmas (12/23/19 - 1/6/20)
Winter Break (2/17/20-2/21/20)
Spring Break (4/6/20-4/10-20)
Memorial Day (5/25/20)

To find out more and/or start the application process:

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